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Why Career Counselling is important?

Career counselling is crucial to everyone. It helps you understand your strengths, weaknesses and potentials and makes you aware on what is the right career for you and what not. The aim of career counselling is to help you match your skills and interests with the kind of career/job that best uses your abilities and interests. Career counselling gives you an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and helps you evaluate suitable career options

Career counselling can help you to make decisions about what type of career path to take, the skills and knowledge you need for the job or profession you want, how you can develop these skills, and how best to get from where you are now towards your long-term goal.

How Inviacareer helps you?

Inviacareer offers a balance of individualized counselling and mentorship .We help students make good decisions about their future career path and make sure that the correct courses and qualifications are taken which will enable them to develop the skills needed for their immediate career aspirations. The comparison of occupation profiles enables to make an informed decision on which course or qualification might be most appropriate for you.

Process of Counselling

About Us

Know your Counsellor

Tarun Dua, Chief Career Counsellor- Inviacareer is a Certified Career Counsellor, NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Life Coach who followed passion for counselling and took this forward to cater the need of students and professional who seeks professional advice. His academic credentials are B.E.(Electronics &Power)-Nagpur University ,Higher Diploma in Software Engineering(Aptech), PGDBA-Marketing(SCDL-Pune), Green Belt-Six Sigma(Indian Statistical Institute-New Delhi), L.A.(ISO-9001:2015;14001:2015).


We provide one to one counselling (offline) and online counselling (offline) for

Ideal Career Assessment for All Age Groups

Career Option Assessment and Guidance for Class XI and Class XII.

Skill Based Career Guidance for Class IX.

Professional Skill Assessment and Guidance for College Students.

Stream Selection Assessment and Guidance for Class X.

Professional Skill Assessment and Guidance for Working Professional.

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We always care about your mental health

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Pricing Plan

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For Class IX/X/XI/XII

Career Assessment + One Counselling Session(45 Min)


For College Students/Undergraduates

Career Assessment + One Counselling Session(45 Min)


For Graduates/Working Professionals

Career Assessment + One Counselling Session(45 Min)


Our Session

Everyone deserves our special care

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Monday - Friday

08.00 – 17.00


08.00 – 15.00


10.00 – 15.00


What our students say about us

Meghna ( Delhi)

Inviacareer guidance has been exceptional and has taken my son make his right career choice.. Thank you for your informative support.

Ritesh (Noida)

Inviacareer guided me towards my career path and clear all my doubts. It helped me in analysing my potential . Strongly recommended to my friends.

Pankaj ( Delhi)

Inviacareer helped in exploring my areas of interest and aptitude towards it. It cleared all my doubts and showed me my career path.

Ashish( Delhi)

Inviacareer tests are very clear and accurate. It helped in making a plan of action towards achieving my career goal.

Neha (Delhi)

The Guidance here helped me in removing all doubts and confusion. New age career options provided helped in exploring a new world of opportunities.

we provide One to One Counselling(offline) and Online Counselling(offline) for

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Frequently asked questions

You can either send a message through this website or Whatsapp on 9810079828

You do not need any documents for a counselling session.

There is absolutely no preparations required for the Career Counselling session. Just be in yourself, relax and present yourself

All the counselling sessions are generally done in the presence of the parents however the Psychometric assessment is supposed to be done alone by the child without the help of anyone in order to get accurate assessment.

Inviacareer includes personality, interests, skills and aptitude factors in one assessment, making it one of the most comprehensive assessments available for counselling purpose.

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